On this webpage, a general overview of the the services and procedures offered in the Center for Prenatal Medicine Mainz formerly Darmstadt is given. For more detailed information, please refer to the subpages of this section.

Prenatal counseling

Non invasive procedures

  • NIPT / NIPD – Non Invasive Prenatal Diagnosis (Measurement of fetal DNA in maternal blood – PraenaTest) (>12+0 weeks gestation)
  • NT scan – Combined Nuchal Translucency Test (11-14 weeks gestation)
  • Screening for pre-eclampsia (11-14 weeks gestation)
  • Second trimester sreening tests (quadruple testquad screen) (14-19 weeks gestation)
  • Exclusion of fetal anomalies: High Resolution Targeted Ultrasound (>12 weeks gestation)
  • fetal Echocardiography (> 12+0 weeks gestation)
  • Doppler Ultrasound (> 11+4 weeks gestation as auxiliary procedure in the detection of fetal structural anomalies, > 23+0 weeks gestation as targeted method to diagnose or exclude placental insufficiency)

Invasive procedures – diagnostic

Invasive procedures – Fetal Therapy

Interdisciplinary medical counseling and care