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Welcome to the Center for Prenatal Medicine Darmstadt – Professor Scharf!

The Center for Prenatal Medicine Darmstadt (CPMD) was founded in 2011 as a specialized medical office exclusively offering Prenatal Diagnosis and Therapy: 

We address all issues dealing with fetal health: CPMD is a consultative based medical practice committed to the highest quality of care for at-risk expectant mothers and their unborn babies. Combining knowledge and technology with care and compassion, Professor Scharf and his professional staff work diligently to provide for the best possible pregnancy outcome.

Prof. Scharf was the first physician in the Darmstadt Larger Urban Zone to open a private practice dedicated exclusively to the specialty of Maternal-Fetal Medicine. With more than 20 years of experience in prenatal diagnosis and the management of high risk pregnancies, Prof. Scharf is considered a leader in his field and a top choice for referral by obstetricians throughout the Rhine-Main area. Although patients are referred to CPMD for a variety of reasons, the most common indications are prenatal counseling, genetic testing, first trimester screening, high resolution ultrasound, chorionic villus sampling and genetic amniocentesis.

Whether you anticipate a problem or are experiencing a high risk pregnancy, at CPMD we work closely with your primary obstetrical provider to evaluate your pregnancy, discuss options, offer further testing if indicated and make specific recommendations concerning the management of your pregnancy. You can expect a highly skilled staff of professionals faithful to open and honest communication with respect and sensitivity to your individual needs. With our experience and expertise, Prof. Scharf and the staff at CPMD strive to improve chances for a successful pregnancy outcome.


For an appointment, please

– give us a phone call (+49-6151-10 11 981)
– book online
– or have your referring gynecologist contact us.

For cancellations, please call 72 hours in advance so we can give your timeslot to another patient.

Center for Prenatal Medicine Darmstadt – Professor Scharf

Praxis für Pränatalmedizin Darmstadt – Prof. Scharf

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