Patient Information

The content of this section aims to provide the expectant mother and relatives with understandable, pertinent, accurate and up-to-date information concerning Prenatal Medicine.

– On the subpage "Test methods" you will find a compilation and evaluation of the current modern diagnostic tools at hand to most properly and most precisely assess fetal health

– The subpage "Fetal health conditions" presents an array of frequent disorders a fetus can be affected with – no fewer than 2% of fetuses beyond 12 weeks gestation suffer from a major malformation and still one quarter percent of all newborns carry an inherent genetic disorder. 

– On the subpage "Support groups" we have compiled links to external webpages of organizations devoted to helping children with disabilities
– The subpage "Patients´ media library" offers external information (articles and video clips) regarding Fetal Medicine available in the web which we deem helpful for patients in the quest for an individually tailored concept as to how much diagnostics might be suitable for them.